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Accelerated Mobile Page Version of this document: Low Festival 2018: The Chemical Brothers, Phoenix, La Bien Querida, Javiera Mena...

Low Festival 2018: The Chemical Brothers, Phoenix, La Bien Querida, Javiera Mena...

The Benidorm festival will be held from July 27 to 29. Amatria, Izal, Perro and La Plata will also perform.

Low Festival 2018: The Chemical Brothers, Phoenix, La Bien Querida, Javiera Mena...

Update at 23:49 p.m. on 07/23/2018

The Low Festival celebrates 10 years in this edition, which will be held on Thursday, June 26 - a welcome open access party at the beach - until Sunday July 29 at the Ciudad Deportiva Guillermo Amor in Benidorm (Spain).

The stars of Low 2018 will be The Chemical Brothers, Biffy Clyro, Editors, Los Planetas, Izal, La Bien Querida, La M.O.D.A. or Phoenix among other groups and artists. The festival mainly combines indie, pop-rock and electronic music.

The atmosphere at the Benidorm festival will be, as always, quite moving. Tickets are about to run out and it is expected that more than 80,000 'lowers' will pass through the four Low stages. One of the stages has an Olympic swimming pool but you have to have a VIP ticket - sold out - to enter.

The festival, to compensate for inconveniences, will distribute free tickets to residents of the neighborhood on Wednesday, July 25, at the ticket office of the Julio Iglesias Auditorium. People who live in Colonia Madrid from Foietesi Avenue to the odd side of Avenue Baniardá who present ID and registration. One entry per neighbor until the 100 available tickets are sold out, according to 'Diarioinformacion.com'.

Next, Low Festival 2018 schedules:

Thursday 26 July 2018

20:00h – Levante Beach -open access-: Vive La Fête, Joe Crepúsculo, Dj Friday & Dj Pollo 242.

17:00h – Tropical House Live, at Benidorm Celebrations Pool Party.

Friday 27 July 2018

Vibramahou Stage

20:00h – Christina Rosenvinge

22:00h – Iván Ferreiro

00:10h – Phoenix

02:10h – Vitalic ODC Live

04:05h – Kero Kero Bonito

Matusalem Stage

19:15h – Joana Serrat

21:20h – La Bien Querida

23:15h – León Benavente

01:15h – La Habitación Roja

03:15h – Belako

05:00h – Elyella Dj’s

Jägermeister Stage

19:00h – Melenas

20:45h – Odd Cherry Pie

22:15h – Mujeres

23:55h – Alien Tango

01:30h – La Plata

03:00h – Esteban y Manuel

Energy Sistem Stage

19:30h – Dani Less

20:30h – Tinglao Showcase

22:00h – Difenders

23:30h – Freazer

01:00h – HAL9000

02:30h – Yahaira

04:00h – Alan Braxe

05:15h – Rêve Disco Club

Pool Stage

19:30h – Moya Deejay

20:15h – Monterrosa

22:00h – Las Díscolas

23:30h – Mordidita Dj’s

01:00h – Diana Aller

02:30h – Cheese & Bacon Dj’s

04:00h – Impulse Spy

05:15h – Smile Dj’s

Catorze Horas Party (only with invitation)

20:00h – Yall

Saturday 28 July 2018

Vibramahou Stage

20:15h – Vintage Trouble

21:55h – Los Planetas

23:45h – Biffy Clyro

01:45h – The Chemical Brothers

04:00h – Moullinex

Matusalem Stage

19:15h – Egon Soda

21:05h – Carlos Sadness

23:00h – Javiera Mena

00:55h – Novedades Carminha

03:10h – Amatria

04:45h – Dj Coco

Jägermeister Stage

19:00h – Sienna

20:30h – Escorpio

21:55h – Dúrga

23:45h – Fogbound

01:35h – Bala

03:05h – Aloha Bennets

Energy Sistem Stage

19:30h – Dj Pegatas

20:15h – Nando Costa

22:00h – Esma El

23:30h – Alex Metric

01:00h – Mentai Showcase

02:30h – Kutxu

04:00h – J-Ribes

05:15h – Basstianz

Pool Stage

19:30h – Santy  Mataix

20:15h – Juan Salas

22:00h – La Résistance

23:30h – Outsider

01:00h – Gascoigne

02:30h – Ópera Primas

04:00h – Chéries Dj’s

05:15h – Charlee

Sunday 29 July 2018

Vibramahou Stage

20:15h – Santiago Auserón + Sexy Sadie

22:10h – Izal

00:30h – Editors

02:30h – Kakkmaddafakka

04:15h – Vive la fête

Matusalem Stage

19:30h – Woods

21:30h – Perro

23:40h – Niños Mutantes

01:30h – La M.O.D.A.

03:25h – Las Chillers

04:45h – Flash Show Dj’s

Jägermeister Stage

19:00h – Modelo de Respuesta Polar

21:05h – Mireia Vilar

22:30h – Sra. Robinson

00:00h – Poolshake

01:20h – Runa

03:05 Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba

Energy Sistem Stage

19:30h – Stereo Old School

20:00h – Aníbal Gómez Dj Set

21:00h – Miss Deep’in

22:00h – Miqui Brightside

23:30h – Nat Vegas

01:00h – Jes Set

02:30h – Louisahhh

04:00h – Club Gordo Sociedad Ilimitada

Pool Stage

19:30h – Sierra

20:30h – Urbanoteque

22:15h – Radioclash

00:00h – Vilanoise

01:30h – Confetti Dj’s

03:00h – Suzukid

04:30h – El Planeta de los Singles


Update at 11:34 hours on 09/01/18

The Low Festival begins to complete the bill of its next edition, the tenth of the musical festival, with names like The Chemical Brothers, Phoenix, La Bien Querida or Javiera Mena.

The groups Amatria, Izal, Perro and La Plata will also perform from July 27 to 29 in Benidorm. There are still many more groups and artists to announce.


The Benidorm festival will be held from July 27 to 29. Amatria, Izal, Perro and La Plata will also perform.

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