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Concert of Doctor Prats in La Pobla de Claramunt (La Pobla de Claramunt) at 22:00 - 05 July 2019

Doctor Prats, performing at Tsunami Democràtic.

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Doctor Prats                                   

At La Pobla de Claramunt in La Pobla de Claramunt

At La Pobla de Claramunt Region: Barcelona

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Download and listen the last of Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'No t'encantis'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Ara!'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Mira-la'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Tornaré'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigha - 'A Sant Hilari'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'No n'hi ha prou'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Junts'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Singalele'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Singalele'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'La recepta'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Adéu fins aviat'

Doctor Prats: Aham Sigah - 'Aham Sigah'

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Doctor Prats, performing at the Reflection Day

Concert Gallery Date: 2019-11-09

Doctor Prats, performing at Tsunami Democràtic.

On the Day of Reflection before the elections of November 10, 2019, second spanish general elections of 2019, day free of electoral propaganda, the Tsunami Democràtic organization has called the society to fill the squares of cities and towns with diverse cultural activities.

In Barcelona, next to the Acampada of Plaza Universitat, a stage has been set up on which various artists have performed, including the festive group Doctor Prats that has given support to those jailed by the ‘Procés ’trial.

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