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All concerts in Mercado de la Música Viva de Vic 2015

La Pegatina, Soleá Morente, hommage to catalonian gypsies singers, António Zambujo's neofado, Dom La Nena, Natos & Waor...

All concerts in Mercado de la Música Viva de Vic 2015

Text: Staff / Image: Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic (live performance at a square in the Osona’s capital)

The Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic (MM.VV.) will hold its 27th edition from 17th to 20th September in the Osona’s capital. During these four days Vic will become the undisputed hub of Catalan music due to its stages spread throughout the city with both free and paid performances, such as the place where the trades are made, the MVLab.

The MVLab is a space that brings together programmers, institutions, companies, developers, agencies and professionals involved in live music in Catalonia. This is where many of the shows which are then displayed across the country are cooked.

This year the MM.VV. organizers have put their focus on municipal music programmers, according Marc Lloret, artistic director of the event, they are "biggest concert programmers" and will take place a specific meeting that will join the public programmers, managers and private promoters.

Twenty premieres
Among the 50 performances scheduled in the MM.VV. twenty of them are premieres-, half are Catalan artists, the fourth of the rest of the state and the other quarter, from abroad.

The opening concert will be performed by the portuguese singer António Zambujo, leader of neofado style, in collaboration with the Original Jazz Orchestra Taller de Musics, will release a repertoire with new arrangements designed for the occasion.

Another show product of the Taller de Musics and MM.VV. it is 'The forgotten chants. The legacy of the Catalan gypsies singers’ with ‘cantaor’ Joan Clota ‘Nen', one of its leading figures', Puig-Porret 2014 award. This is a project that shows the roots of flamenco singing in Catalonia. Within the world of flamenco, also will act the heterodox Niño de Elche.

In MM.VV. There are also shows that have not yet been seen in the rest of the country like the Cape Verde’s Elida Almeida, Jamaican Brushy One String and JoyCut electronic. New this year, the Market will host the European Forum of World Wide Music Festivals (EFWMF) network of world music festivals which MM.VV. is a partner. Other foreign artists performing are Mexicans Sonido Gallo Nero or french Gaspard Royant.

Among other premieres are Soleá Morente (daughter of the deceased Enrique Morente) Bikimel, Inspira, Bremen, Egon Soda, Electrorumbaiao (Dj Panko’s project -Lenacay, Ojos de Brujo), Ramon Mirabet, the 'migas' Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach, La Soul Machine, Aspencat, Canteca de Macao, Xabier Díaz, Pistola and the hip hop Waor & Natos and PXXR GVNG.

More artists in the bill
The other groups participating in the MM.VV. in the numerous musical spaces invading Vic are The Saurs, Da Bang, Nuria Graham, Blaumut, Carles Benavent Ensemble, Miguel Campello, MOH! Kouyaté, Pungle Lions, Dom La Nena, Club del Río, Itaca Band, La Pegatina, La Sra. Tomasa, XY, Jo Jet with Maria Ribo and Estel Solé, Eduard Gener, The Outside Hours, Sense Sal, Ojo de Buen Cubero, Obeses, Els Amics de les Arts, Nyandú, Sai, Cadena Tròfica, Sumrrá, the 'acdc’s' 77', Anari, Ocerin and Rade, Rafael Berrio, Wag & Jo and The Pinker Tones.

Sona9 competition participants who will play in the Plaza of the Cathedral of Vic on Saturday 19 September with Trau, winners of last year, are: Roig!, Bon Vent and Pares. At MVLab Club, accessible only to professionals, will act Wag & Jo, Joan Rovira, The Pinker Tones and Joseba B. Lenoir & Gakobeltzak.

Numbers singing
Vic has positioned itself as a strategic festival in Catalan, Spanish and European level, with 367 organizations registered in 2014 (compared to 328 in 2013 or 292 in 2012) with a contracting budget of EUR 30 million last year and with a sharp rise in private and foreign entities in particular.

According to a study at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the 2013 procurement expenditure was 3,258 million euros (over 2012 –2,598 million-but still below 2011 –3,455 million-) with a tendency to hire fewer but more shows per groups, which increases spending by contract in 2013 over the previous year. The new mayor of Vic, Anna Erra, estimates that the economic impact of MM.VV. Vic is about 6 million euros.

List of the full program of concerts Mercat de la Música de Vic ordered by days and hours.

Thursday 17th September 2015

20:00/2015-09-17/António Zambujo/Teatre L'Atlàntida
21:30/2015-09-17/Elida Almeida/Carpa Negra
22:00/2015-09-17/The Saurs/Jazz Cava
22:15/2015-09-17/Brushy One String/Carpa Vermella
23:00/2015-09-17/Electrorumbaiao/Carpa Negra
23:30/2015-09-17/Da Bang/Jazz Cava
23:45/2015-09-17/Gaspard Royant/Carpa Vermella

Friday 18th September 2015
00:30/2015-09-18/Sonido Gallo Negro/Carpa Negra
01:00/2015-09-18/JoyCut/Jazz Cava
01:15/2015-09-18/Aspencat/Carpa Vermella
20:30/2015-09-18/Núria Graham/Plaça Major
21:00/2015-09-18/Cants Oblidats/Teatre L'Atlàntida
21:00/2015-09-18/Jo Jet amb Maria Ribó i Estel Solà/Plaça de la Catedral
21:30/2015-09-18/Dom La Nena/Carpa Negra
21:40/2015-09-18/Eduard Gener/Plaça de la Catedral
21:45/2015-09-18/Soleá Morente/Teatre L'Atlàntida
22:15/2015-09-18/Xabier Díaz i Adufeiras de Salitre/Carpa Vermella
22:20:00/2015-09-18/The Outside Hours/Plaça de la Catedral
22:30/2015-09-18/Canteca de Macao/Teatre L'Atlàntida
22:45/2015-09-18/Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach/Jazz Cava
23:00/2015-09-18/Club del Río/Carpa Negra
23:00/2015-09-18/Ítaca Band/El Sucre
23:00/2015-09-18/Sense Sal/Plaça de la Catedral
23:15/2015-09-18/Carles Benavent Ensemble/Teatre L'Atlàntida
23:30/2015-09-18/Blaumut/Plaça Major
23:40:00/2015-09-18/Ojo de Buen Cubero/Plaça de la Catedral
23:45/2015-09-18/MOH! Kouyaté/Carpa Vermella

Saturday 19th September 2015
00:00/2015-09-19/Miguel Campello/Teatre L'Atlàntida
00:00/2015-09-19/XY/Jazz Cava
00:15/2015-09-19/La Pegatina/El Sucre
00:30/2015-09-19/Niño de Elche/Carpa Negra
01:15/2015-09-19/Pungle Lions/Carpa Vermella
02:00/2015-09-19/La Sra. Tomasa/El Sucre
20:30/2015-09-19/Obeses/Plaça Major
20:30/2015-09-19/Roig!/Plaça de la Catedral
21:00/2015-09-19/Sai Trio/Teatre L'Atlàntida
21:15/2015-09-19/Pares/Plaça de la Catedral
21:30/2015-09-19/Anari/Carpa Negra
21:45/2015-09-19/Bikimel/Teatre L'Atlàntida
21:45/2015-09-19/Els Amics de les Arts/Plaça Major
22:00/2015-09-19/Bon Vent/Plaça de la Catedral
22:15/2015-09-19/77'/Carpa Vermella
22:30/2015-09-19/Cadena Tròfica/Teatre L'Atlàntida
22:45/2015-09-19/Pistola/Jazz Cava
23:00/2015-09-19/Egon Soda/Carpa Negra
23:00/2015-09-19/Ocer i Rade/El Sucre
23:30/2015-09-19/Ramón Mirabet/Teatre L'Atlàntida
23:30/2015-09-19/Nyandú/Plaça Major
23:45/2015-09-19/Bremen/Carpa Vermella
00:00/2015-09-20/Sumrrà/Teatre L'Atlàntida
00:15/2015-09-20/PXXR GVNG/El Sucre
00:30/2015-09-20/Inspira/Carpa Negra
01:15/2015-09-20/La Soul Machine/Carpa Vermella
01:15/2015-09-20/Rafael Berrio/Jazz Cava
01:45/2015-09-20/Natos i Waor/El Sucre
12:00/2015-09-20/Wag & Jo/Plaça de la Catedral
13:15/2015-09-20/The Pinker Tones/Plaça de la Catedral
18:30/2015-09-20/Alba Careta i Martí Riera Duo/Plaça de la Catedral
19:30/2015-09-20/Jezz We Ken/Plaça de la Catedral
20:30/2015-09-20/Est Oest/Plaça de la Catedral

From 17th to 20th September at Osona's capital

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Mercat de la Música Viva de Vic 2015 MM.VV. Vic

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All concerts in Mercado de la Música Viva de Vic 2015

La Pegatina, Soleá Morente, hommage to catalonian gypsies singers, António Zambujo's neofado, Dom La Nena, Natos & Waor...
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