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Crystal Fighters, Maldita Nerea & Macaco stars Mercè & BAM 2015

Jane Weaver, Mdou Moctar, Dengue Fever, Ryley Walker, Els Pets, Los Punsetes, Marinah i Chicuelo, Delorean...

Crystal Fighters, Maldita Nerea & Macaco  stars Mercè & BAM 2015

* This agenda considers that from 00.00 starts a new day and is not mentioning the previous day, as is customary in many other agendas.

Text: Staff - Picture: © Arne Musel / arne-mueseler.de / CC-BY-SA-3.0.

The Festival of Barcelona (Festa Major), the Mercè, is approaching and, as always, is full of good live music will be distributed throughout the city in conjunction with the BAM Festival (Barcelona Acció Musical).

This year stands out the presence of the Group Crystal Fighters in BAM on stage at the old factory Damm (Antiga Fàbrica DAMM) on Saturday September 19th with the presence of the Senior i El Cor Brutal and electronic pop Ocellot.

Other artists performing under the BAM 2015 will be:
-In The Joan Coromines Square: Beach Beach (Friday, 18/09/15, at 21 hours), Nuria Graham (Saturday, 19/09/15, at 22.30) and Blank Realm (09/24/15, at 00 hours).

In the Plaza dels Angels: METZ (09/19/15, at 00.45 hours), Ryley Walker (09/19/15, at 23.15) and Vetiver (09/20/15, at 00.45 hours) Miquel Serra (09/21/15, at 19 hours), Jane Weaver (22/09/15, at 19 hours), Lonelady (09/22/15, at 20.30), Bombino (23/09 / 15, at 21.45 hours) and Saun & Starr (09/23/15, at 23.15) with Voodoo Game (00.45 hours).

- In the Moll de la Fusta: Mdou Moctar (09/20/15, at 00.30 hours), Gabriel Garzón Montano (21.30) and Dengue Fever (23 hours).

- Amphitheater Forum: Los Punsetes (20/09/15, at 00:50 hours), Jupiter Lion (09/19/15, at 21.30) and Nueva Vulcano (23 hours).

As for the concerts that properly belong to the Festival of Barcelona, at the Mercè 2015, then all acts are listed here:

- In the Avenida de la Catedral: Free Spirits Big Band & El Petit de Cal Eril (Friday, 09/18/15, at 22.30), Sisa, Portet i Oliver (00.30 hours), Coetus plus Juan Quintero and Luna Monti (09/19/15, at 22.30), Maria del Mar Bonet (09/20/15, at 00.30 hours), Sant Andreu Jazz Band (09/20/15, at 22.30), Taller de Musics (09/21/15, at 19.30), Jordi Sabates and the Madrid Chamber Ballet honoring Bola de Nieve (09/23/15, at 22.30) and Raul Rodriguez (09/24/15, to 00.30 hours).

- In the Plaza Sant Jaume: Moussakis (09/18/15, at 23.30), tango dances with First Milonga de la Merce (09/19/15, at 23.30) with music Típico Quinteto Barcelona’s Marcelo Mercadante and Analia Lane, La Málaga –rumba- (09/20/15, at 22.30), Liceu Conservatory (09/21/15, at 20 and 22 hours), the new batch of ESMUC ( 09/22/15, at 20 and 22 hours) and Kaulakau and Cobla Barcelona City (09/23/15, at 23.30).

- In the Forum Park: Achilifunk with Paco Mantecao, Vicens Martín and the Original Jazz Orchestra Taller de Musics (Scenario Esplanade, 09/18/15, at 22 hours), Gramophone All Stars Big Band (Amphitheater Stage, 18 / 09/15, to 23 hours), La Gossa Gorda (Scenario Esplanade, 09/18/15, at 00.00) Batida (Amphitheater Stage, 19/09/15, at 01 hours), Aspencat (Scenario Esplanade , 09/19/15, at 02 hours), Mishima (Stage Platform, 09/19/15, at 23.30) and Delorean (Stage Platform, 09/20/15, at 01:30 hours).

- Playa del Bogatell (Scenario Mediterràniament): Els Amics de les Arts (09/23/15, at 21.30), Els Catarres (09/23/15, at 23.30) Oques Grasses (09/24/15 , at 01.30 hours) and Joan Dausà (09/23/15, at 21 hours).

- The radio parties, Avenida Maria Cristina: On Friday, 9/18/15 act by Cadena 100 Deco Pilot (21 hours), Radio Picnic (2215 hours), Miquel Abras (23.30) and Macaco ( 01 hours). The day 09/19/15, with Europa FM, Enrique Verdaguer (21 hours), Projecte Mut (22 hours), Els Pets (23.30) and Gertrudis (01 hours). On Sunday, 09/20/15, with DJ Adrian Ortega (20 hours), Efecto Túnel (21 hours) and Maldita Nerea (22:30).

- In Plaza Catalunya: Marinah and Chicuelo (09/18/15, at 21 hours), Blaumut & Coriola (19/09/15, at 21 hours), Obeses, Pepet i Marieta and Búhos (09/20/15 at 21 hours), Sabor de Gracia’s Antonio ‘Sicus’ Carbonell (09/23/15, at 21 hours).

- As usual, the Merce matches the Asia Festival of Casa Asia Barcelona, this year will act Korean Drums / Uhee Nori (Caixaforum, 09/17/15, at 20.30) Jambinai (Plaça Joan Coromines, 19/09 / 15, at 00 hours), the National Circus Pyongyang (Castillo de Montjuïc, 19 and 09/20/15 at 11.45 and 16 hours) and Kenichi Yoshida –shamisen virtuoso- of Yoshida Brothers (Caixaforum, 21 / 09/15, at 20.30).

Complete list of music concerts of Fiesta Mayor de la Mercè of Barcelona 2015 & BAM 2015. Listed by days and hours:

Friday 18th September 2015
21:00/2015-09-18/Beach Beach/Plaza de Joan Coromines
21:00/2015-09-18/Deco Pilot/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
21:00/2015-09-18/Beach Beach/Mourn/Jambinai/Plaza de Joan Coromines
21:30/2015-09-18/Los Punsetes/Jupiter Lion/Nueva Vulcano/Amfiteatre Parc del Fòrum
21:45/2015-09-18/METZ/Da Bang/Loop/Plaza dels Àngels
22:00/2015-09-18/Achilifunk/Paco Mantecao/Vicens Martín/Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics/Escenari Esplanada - Parc del Fòrum
22:15:00/2015-09-18/Radio Picnic/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
22:30/2015-09-18/Free Spirits Big Band & El Petit de Cal Eril/Avenida de la Catedral
23:00/2015-09-18/Gramophone All Stars Big Band/Escenari Amfiteatre - Parc del Fòrum
23:30/2015-09-18/Moussakis/Plaza Sant Jaume
23:30/2015-09-18/Miquel Abras/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina

Saturday 19th September 2015
0:00/2015-09-19/La Gossa Sorda/Escenari Esplanada - Parc del Fòrum
00:30/2015-09-19/Sisa, Portet i Oliver/Avenida de la Catedral
1:00/2015-09-19/Batida - Pedro Coquenão/Escenari Amfiteatre - Parc del Fòrum
1:00/2015-09-19/Macaco/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
2:00/2015-09-19/Aspencat/Escenari Esplanada - Parc del Fòrum
19:00/2015-09-19/Crystal Fighters/Senior i el Cor Brutal/Ocellot/Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm
21:00/2015-09-19/Enric Verdaguer/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
21:30/2015-09-19/Mdou Moctar/Gabriel Garzón Montano/Dengue Fever/Moll de la Fusta
21:45/2015-09-19/Ryley Walker/Yasmine Hamdan/Vetiver/Plaza dels Àngels
22:00/2015-09-19/Projecte Mut/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
22:30/2015-09-19/Coetus & Juan Quintero/Luna Monti/Avenida de la Catedral
22:30/2015-09-19/Núria Graham/I Am Dive/Lady Lamb/Plaza de Joan Coromines
23:30/2015-09-19/Primera milonga de la Mercè/Plaza Sant Jaume
23:30/2015-09-19/Mishima/Escenari Plataforma - Parc del Fòrum
23:30/2015-09-19/Els Pets/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina

Sunday 21th September 2015
00:30/2015-09-20/Maria del Mar Bonet/Avenida de la Catedral
1:00/2015-09-20/Gertrudis/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
01:30/2015-09-20/Delorean/Escenari Plataforma - Parc del Fòrum
20:00/2015-09-20/Adrià Ortega Dj/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
21:00/2015-09-20/Efecto Pasillo/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina
22:30/2015-09-20/Sant Andreu Jazz Band/Avenida de la Catedral
22:30/2015-09-20/La Màlaga/Plaza Sant Jaume
22:30/2015-09-20/Maldita Nerea/Avenida de la Reina Maria Cristina

Monday 21th September 2015
19:30/2015-09-21/Threejay Trio (Taller de Músics)/Avenida de la Catedral
20:00/2015-09-21/Joan Claver Trio/Iago Aguado Quartet/Plaza Sant Jaume
20:30/2015-09-21/Miquel Serra/Michael Rother plays NEU!, Harmonia and solo works/Wand/Plaza dels Àngels

Tuesday 22th September 2015
19:00/2015-09-22/Jane Weaver/LoneLady/Solids/Plaza dels Àngels
20:00/2015-09-22/Smack Dab/Sextet Flamenc de Juan António López Moya/Plaza Sant Jaume

Wednesday 23th September 2015
21:00/2015-09-23/Joan Dausà/Escenari Mediterràniament - Playa del Bogatell
21:30/2015-09-23/Els Amics de les Arts/Escenari Mediterràniament - Playa del Bogatell
21:45/2015-09-23/Bombino/Saun & Starr/Vaudou Game/Plaza dels Àngels
22:30/2015-09-23/Jordi Sabatés i el Ballet de Cámara de Madrid/Avenida de la Catedral
23:30/2015-09-23/Kaulakau/Cobla Ciutat de Barcelona/Plaza Sant Jaume
23:30/2015-09-23/Els Catarres/Escenari Mediterràniament - Playa del Bogatell

Thursday 24th September 2015
0:00/2015-09-24/Blank Realm/Julie Byrne/Juan Wauters/Plaza de Joan Coromines
00:30/2015-09-24/Raúl Rodríguez/Avenida de la Catedral
01:30/2015-09-24/Oques Grasses/Escenari Mediterràniament - Playa del Bogatell

Complete program of Barcelona's Fiesta Mayor & Barcelona Acció Musical, from 18th to 24th September

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