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Accelerated Mobile Page Version of this document: Reggae at the Festival of Sant Antoni (Barcelona) 2018

Reggae at the Festival of Sant Antoni (Barcelona) 2018

The neighborhood of San Antonio will celebrate its Fiesta Major from Friday 12 to Sunday 21 January.

The Barcelona neighborhood of Sant Antoni will celebrate its 2018 Festa Major from Friday 12 to Sunday 21 January. Among the activities that will take place highlights the Sant Antoni Reggae Splash festival.

On this occasion the festival will be held on Saturday, January 13. The location will be the same as always, in a tent on Avenida Mistral.

The Jamaican music festival, in its 14th edition, will have the presence of Dawn Penn, known for his song 'You do not love me (no no no)', the local artist Ras Zohen and the collectives Luv Messenger and Nyahbingi Sound. The price is 10 euros with consumption and tickets can be purchased at Daily Records (Calle Sitges 9), Bar Prize (Calle Floridablanca 130 from 7pm to 3am) and the Atrápalo website. There will be a subsequent party until 6 in the morning.

Other musical performances of the festivities are those of Twocats pel Gòspel in the Auditorium of the ONCE or the Hamsa Hamsa concert at the Golferichs Civic Center.

At Totiferra Sound Festival will perform Arkadia Sound, La Barraca, Dj Caspa... On Friday, January 12 from 8:30 pm on Calle Marqués de Campo Sagrado - Calle Viladomat. The same day at 9:30 pm, rap with Sr. Oca in the tent for 4 euros. On Saturday, January 13 at 9:30 p.m., a heavy band will perform -the name has not been specified in the program- on Floridablanca Street between Rocafort and Calabria.

The Sant Antoni Reggae Splash festival stands out in the Sant Antoni Festival

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Bands or Artists

  1. Dawn Penn
  2. Ras Zohen
  3. Luv Messenger
  4. Nyahbingi Sound
  5. Twocats pel Gòspel
  6. Hamsa Hamsa
  7. La Barraca
  8. Arkadia Sound


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