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Accelerated Mobile Page Version of this document: Carnival Solsona 2018: La Pegatina, Gertrudis, Seguirem - Tribute to the band Obrint Pas...

Carnival Solsona 2018: La Pegatina, Gertrudis, Seguirem - Tribute to the band Obrint Pas...

The Carnival of Solsona will take place from Saturday 3 to Wednesday 14 February. It has the most important Carnival musical bill in Catalonia.

The Carnival of Solsona, one of the most renowned in Catalonia, will take place from Saturday 3 to Wednesday 14 February. The town of Lleida (in Catalonia, nort-east of Spain) has prepared a musical bill full of festive & rumba musical groups such as La Pegatina, Gertrudis, Albercocks or Sixtus among others.

Now, musical program for days of the Carnival of Solsona 2018:

Saturday, February 3, 2018

02:00 am - Electronic night with Ricardo F. (Chasis), Michael Khroma and Toni Codina, in the multipurpose room.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

17:30 pm - Dance with Stresband, in the multipurpose room.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

8:00 pm - Chupinazo in the Plaza del Ruc and, next, Música Sorda, V National Meeting of Musical Cars in the Plaza del Bisbe and Ball Mut in the Plaza Mayor.

9:00 pm - Dinner (Sopar Gras) and Patxi-Patxi with Marco Anglarill in the Plaza Major. Next, Drakaxanga in the Plaza Major.

01:00 am - Concerts with the rumba group Gertrudis, Les Absentes and DJ PD Nanfu & Salasxic, in the Multipurpose room.

Friday, February 9, 2018

9:00 pm – Patacada dance with Juan Altarriba, in Plaza Major.

23:30 pm - Ramel Trophy, in the Plaza del Bisbe.

01:30 am - Concerts with Seguirem - Tribute Obrint Pas, Revoltijo and Albercocks, in the Multipurpose room.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

7:00 pm - Arrival of SM.Carnestoltes along the Torà road. Appointment of Mata-ruc de Honor '18, Bramada and Ballets in Plaza Major. Then, Hanging the Donkey (not a real donkey) in the Plaza del Ruc.

23:00 pm - Festival in Cal Novell, in the Plaza del Bisbe.

01:30 am - Barrucada, in Plaza Major

02.00 am - Great Carnival Concert with La Pegatina, Porto Bello and Sixtus, in the Multipurpose room.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

08:30 am – Escaldat dance with La Zariguella, in Plaza Major.

10:45 am - Descent of authorities accompanied by S.M. Carnival, his entourage and the Patinfanjàs Orchestra from the Castell's portal to the Cathedral.

11:15 am - Arrival of the Miss Foreigner of Outside by the avenue of the Pont. Next, Rise, Sermon and Ballets in the Plaza Mayor. When finished, dances and bridal banquet, in the Plaza del Ajuntament.

5:00 pm - Contradanza with the Cobla Juvenil Ciutat de Solsona and Capta de Gigantes, in the Plaza del Consell Comarcal.

7:30 pm - Kina Ressaka! –great hangover- in the Plaza Major.

Monday, February 12, 2018

11:05 am - Arrival of S.M.Carnestoltes and the Miss Forastera from Outside with Pepsicolen by the portal of the Pont. Then, Subida, Sermon and Ballets in the Plaza Major and hanging the donkey –not a real one- in the Plaza del Ruc.

22:00 pm - Dinner of Comparsas + Concert with Vizuri, Band'd'festa and DJ Jam_Ningu, in the Multipurpose room

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

8:00 pm - Correfoc with the Colla de Diables La Chera, from Plaza Major.

23:15 - Dance of costumes with the Orquesta Nueva Saturno and concert of the Band the Rock, in the Multipurpose room.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

8:45 pm - Burnt and fireworks, in the courtyard of the Raíces School.

22:00 h - Descent from the portal of Castell and Descolgada del Burro, in the Plaza del Ruc.

12:00 h - End of party, in the Plaza Mayor.

The Carnival of Solsona, one of the most renowned in Catalonia, will take place from Saturday 3 to Wednesday 14 February.

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  1. La Pegatina
  2. Gertrudis
  3. Sixtus
  4. Seguirem - Tribut a Obrint Pas
  5. Albercocks
  6. Les Absentes


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