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Accelerated Mobile Page Version of this document: Evaristo, ex-singer of La Polla Records, retained by the police

Evaristo, ex-singer of La Polla Records, retained by the police

Evaristo Páramos, now singer of Gatillazo, has been retained by the Guardia Civil (police) at the end of his concert at the Primavera Trompetera festival in Jerez de la Frontera (south of Spain).


Now it's up to Evaristo, ex-singer of the mythical punk band La Polla Records or The Kagas, he was held -not arrested- by ​​the Guardia Civil (spanish police) when he came down from the Primavera Trompetera Festival stage in Jerez de la Frontera (south of Spain).

In a very hot media week due to the escape of rapper Valtònyc from the Balearic Islands to Belgium when he was about to enter prison with a sentence of more than 3 years or the publication of the Amnesty International report that states that freedom of speech has been restricted in Spain after 1-O and characterizes it as a country in which liberties are in clear retreat, this action adds more tension to the rarefied and oppressive climate that the Mordaza Law has provoked over freedom of speech, resulting in a great reaction in favor of the musician in social networks.

Before Amnesty International, 'The New York Times' devoted a chronicle to the censorship of ARCO noting that "Spain has become a country where risks to freedom of expression have grown stealthily."

According to 'El Mundo', Evaristo has been identified as proffering "insults" against the Guardia Civil although ‘Público' says that the organizers of the festival have not confirmed this fact although they also say that they did not attend the musician's concert at their festival and, 'Público', adds that the actor Willy Toledo, in a publication on his Facebook profile, points to a complaint against the lyrics of his songs that he has been singing for more than 30 years. The surroundings of Evaristo affirms in 'Goiena' that the singer is fine.

Evaristo, ex-singer of La Polla Records, held by the Guardia Civil (police) for a complaint against the lyrics of his songs

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