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The Mad Cool of Madrid suffers a tremendous collapse on its first day

The Madrid festival has expanded its capacity to 80,000 people daily


The 2018 Mad Cool festival is featured on Twitter on the day of its debut with the #MadCool18 hashtag, but not precisely because of the rejoicing of the attendees. In its third edition, the festival has unveiled a new space at the north of Madrid with capacity for up to 80,000 spectators and it has sold out all the tickets and day tickets.

Inside this hashtag, those attending the concert say they have been queuing for hours to access the Valdebebas venue, close to Ifema, with a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius, endless queues to access the parking and, inside the Mad Cool, queues for 40 minutes to buy a drink. Some Twitter users also remember that last year a tightrope walker died performing on the festival but the order of concerts was not broken.

The assistants have reached the point of breaking down security fences and the riot police have had to calm down them, according to 'El País', they denounce the disastrous signals towards the site and the lack of information. In fact, the national police has taken over part of the Mad Cool accesses. The average time required to enter is between one hour and a half and two hours, according to 'El Mundo'.

The municipal police of Madrid recommends using public transport to get to the festival. Line 8 of the suburban Madrid will remain open all night.

Delays of hours to access the concert venue.

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