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Record Store Day 2019 in Spain: Hombre Lobo Internacional, Dani Nel•lo, Vàlius, The Crab Apples...

The big party of record stores will be held on Saturday, April 13. You can also enjoy concerts of Tori Sparks, Angelus Apatrida, The Ramblers, Paula Valls in stores throughout Spain.

Record Store Day 2019 in Spain: Hombre Lobo Internacional, Dani Nel•lo, Vàlius, The Crab Apples...

There comes one of the most beautiful and desired days for music fans and, especially, the ones who still purchase records, the Record Store Day. This day special editions are put on sale and record collectors scratch to get them.

Years ago it would seem an incoherence to divide music lovers between those who buy records and those who do not, but today, the division between them is bigger than ever. Previously they were divided between those who bought albums or pirated them, now for many people the album has become a simple gift object, like a hard cover book, and music is heard for free on streaming platforms via mobile. It is no longer necessary to download MP3 files. It is no longer necessary to pirate. The music seems to be free.

Many bands confess that they record new albums as an excuse to go on tour, where they say they earn the money to survive, and the LPs are released for free on streaming platforms such as YouTube or Spotify. They hope to earn some money for the publicity of the mentioned platforms although the payments of Spotify are frankly scandalous for their scarcity.

And the great record companies? In general, they live on rents. Many have changed their main activity from the sale of records to the management of great artists. The record companies continue to retain many of the highest level contacts, those that allow an artist to really eat the market. Did Rosalía need to sign for Sony Music to succeed or grow? Or has Sony Music really been the one who signed up for Rosalia? In any case, after the signing, the Barcelona’s artist has carried out her first North American tour with an overwhelming success.

 The record stores, once the sole distributor of recorded music, have become a type of 'very 20th century' store. In the center of the cities, they face the rise in rents due to the interest of the large multinationals in hoarding the urban centers with their clonal stores and, on the other hand, to chains such as Fnac that base their business on the sale of household appliances. On the internet, they face, on the one hand, gigantic distributors such as Amazon and, on the other, the so-called streaming platforms.

Seen from this perspective, the record stores are ordinary shops that fight against the market and face some of the largest companies in the world. They are true heroes of the resistance and that is something worth celebrating. Some of them have become more social spaces, with morning programs of showcases, and where record collectors and music converge and meet, they get upset because they do not know such a group or comment on how the concert of another was.

Places like that should not disappear, therefore, next Saturday we'll have a beer for having survived another year, enjoy the concerts and buy them records to celebrate a Record Store Day 2020.

Spain’s Record Store Day 2019


Tres Bonobos

12:00h - Angelus Apatrida

17:00h - Concerts in La Cachorra Yeyé de Albita Meteoro, Puñonrostro, Terminal Picnic and Crazy Jeans.


Discos Revólver

18:00h - The Wax

Daily Records

Vermut celebration of ‘Un de Nou’ reedition by Skatalà.


12:30h - Urpa

16:00h - Olympic Flame

17:00h - Zenjiskan

18:00h - Buddha Kopta Plus Guest


Dj set

11:30h - Wood

12:30h - Nueva Vulcano

17:00h - Her Little Donkey

18:00h - Tercer Sol

19:00h - Lost Tapes

Disco 100

12:30h - Dani Nel·lo

18:00h - Tori Sparks

18:45h - Paula Valls

19:15h - Wax & Boogie – Blues Projects

Discos Surco

Open 9 a.m. Concerts:

12:30h - Alma de Boquerón feat. Tori Sparks
13:00h - Espaldamaceta
13:30h - AntiDJ Mandarina
16:30h - Paula Valls
17:00h - Dewinter
17:30h - Donallop
18:00h - GYOZA

Ultra-Local Records

13:00h - Jorgito Pinchadiscos

13:30h - STA

18:00h - Yawners DJset

19:00h - Vàlius

20:00h - Urpa

21:00 DJ Parroquiano

El Genio Equivocado, la botiga

11:00h - Xou Lee Ta DJ

13:00h - Olympic Flame

14:00h - Santi Capote

16:00h - The Crab Apples

17:00h - Navarri

17:30h - DJ Mainscream

19:00h - Her Little Donkey


Power Records

11:30h - Satte DJ

16:30h – Sesiones de Mabdil, Winterafter, Mona Rora, Homewrcekers y La Secta


Discos Vitalogy

From 10:00h to 20:30h: Bear, The Storyteller, Same Fire y Dee Dee Swing. At 00:00h, party with Amapola.

Discos Rolling


Discos Marcapasos

12:30h - Carmencita Calavera

13:30h -Nievla

14:00h - Vinila Von Bismark session

18:00h - Le Marchand de Sable DJ

19:30h - David Briones session

Discos Bora Bora

From 10:00h, concerts of Jose Antonio García, Carmen Boza, La Santoro, Los Cariñitos del Sur and DJ Polite, Alba Maldedades DJ, DJ UnBosque, DJ Nani Mutante.


Grans Records

From 11:00h, performances of Hiroshima, Kelly & Friends y Siroll. Afternoon, dj sets with Quino, Dave, Aleix BSO, Lorob, Heygust, Salla, Atomic and A. Sands.


Cuervo Store

Performances of His Majesty The King, Danger, Chill, Hickeys and Commando.

Delia Records

11:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

12:30h - Go Cactus

13:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

13:30h - Los Ramblings

14:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

14:30h - Pacto de Perdedores

15:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

17:30h - El Faro

18:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

18:30h - Whale Nado

19:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

19:30h - The Chickenbackers

20:00h - ACME Pinchadiscos

20:30h - Snake Sister

21:00h - SINU Pinchadiscos

22:30h - Record Store Day Madrid 2019 party by Delia Records


Mais Vinilo

11:00h – Vermut session with Somvinils Dj’s

13:30h - Hombre Lobo Internacional (image)

17:00h - Maccarthy

18:00h - Trance


Alta Fidelidad

14:00h - BOBKAT’65



13:00h - Marc, Rippers

DJ Set

10:00h - Helena Wonder

10:30h - M.

11:00h - Carol Faneca

11:30h - La Patton

12:00h - Lidia König

12:30h - Annabel Euler

14:30h - Elena & Lluci

16:00h - Paloma 33 RPM

16:45h - Nosinmicamara

17:30h - Marta Tuch

18:00h - Bambi Ramone

18:30h - Marta Mirinda

19:00h - Rrrratpenat

19:30h - Tripolar Anna

20:00h - Anna Titi


Espai Records

11:30h - Gyoza

12:30h - Bruts

17:30h – Soul and Funk session by Deejay.Mango

19:00h - Nauus


Shiva Music

From 11:00h to 14:15h, musical vermut with Ferran Groove, Gemita Dinamita, Napoleon Pincha and Miqui Puig DJ.

From 18:15h to 21:00h, party with David Monoman, Paudebanyoles and Xavi Pallaretti.


Egara Rocks

HDS Collectors store concerts in Parc dels Catalans.

12:00h - The Sappy’s

12:50h - The Wax

13:50h - Mal-Humorats

16:45h - Las Pésimas

17:35h - Hey Canallas!

18:30h - Alberto Inquieto

19:30h - Judy G. Martins Trio



09:00h - Fiber13

10:00h - Moreno Ros DJ

11:00h - Grupo Salvaje

12:00h - Paul Castro

17:00h - Kim Sanz

18:00h - Vinyl Brothers

19:00h - Rovira Vinyl


Old Tower Stuff

13:00h - Doctor Sax

The Record Store Day 2019 will be held on April 13

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Record Store Day 2019 in Spain: Hombre Lobo Internacional, Dani Nel•lo, Vàlius, The Crab Apples...

The big party of record stores will be held on Saturday, April 13. You can also enjoy concerts of Tori Sparks, Angelus Apatrida, The Ramblers, Paula Valls in stores throughout Spain.
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