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Palamós street party 2019: Buhos, Di-versiones, Ira...

The town of the Costa Brava will celebrate its festivities from June 21 to 29.

Palamós street party 2019: Buhos, Di-versiones, Ira...

Palamós, Mediterranean seaside, will celebrate its 2019 Festival (street party) from June 21st to 29th with a wide variety of cultural and festive events. Of its musical line up it highlights the presence of the bands Buhos and others like Di-versiones, Ira or the musical contest Gambarock, concerts that will be carried out in the Great beach.

Next, program of the Festa Major of Palamós 2019:

Friday, June 21, 2019

22: 00h - Habaneras song with the Port Bo band, on the fishing pier.

23: 00h - Concerts of the bands Buhos, Ira and Sixtos, on the Gran beach.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

12:00 - Concert vermouth with Ukuphila and Cabernicola, at Paseo del Mar.

22: 00h - Gospel concert by Palamós Gospel Choir, with Àlex Carbonell (piano) and Rafael Rostey (drums), under the direction of David Bayés, at the Agustins Convent Park.

23:00 - Concert in Barracks (Great Beach) of Road Kill (winners of Gamba Rock 2018), Repercusión, Di-versiones and Kharlos Selektah.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

12: 00h - Musical band with Dj Costa Brava, on Paseo de Mar.

19:30h - Parade, from the Municipal Grove.

20:00h - Arrival of the Flame of Canigou, in the park of the Convent of the Augustinians.

23:00h - Party with the band Sofregit, in the place of Mossèn Gumersind.

23: 00h - Concerts in Barracks (Great Beach) of Música i Punt, Litus and Covers Band.

Monday, June 24, 2019

12: 00h - Mass with the Progress Choir, in the Parish of Santa Maria de Palamós.

12:00h - Animation on the streets with Ventsonats, through the streets of the town.

12: 00h - Vermut concert with Landry El Rumbero, on Paseo de Mar.

18:00h - Children's animation with Quiralia, on Paseo de Mar.

19:30h - Concert of Festa Major with the Selvatana Orchestra, at the Municipal Grove.

23:00h - Gambarock music contest, on the Gran beach.

23:00h – Festivities dance, at the Municipal Grove.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

19:00h - Musical Parade with La Harpo's Band, through the streets of Palamós.

21:00h – Sardanas dace with La Cobla Principal of Cassà, on Paseo del Mar.

22: 30h - Llach Concert with Neus Mar (voice), Montse Canals (dance), Emilia Sánchez (guitar) and Enric Canada (percussion), at the Convent of the Agustins park.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

19: 00h - Children's entertainment with La Tresca i La Verdesca, in Plaça de Sant Pere.

19:00h – Festivities dance with the Parfills band, at the Municipal Grove.

20: 00h - Sardana dance with the Cobla Baix Empordà, on Paseo del Mar.

Saturday June 29, 2019

23: 00h - Popular party with the Sara's group, at the Llotja car park.

Palamós celebrates its 2019 Festival from June 21st to 29th

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Palamós street party 2019: Buhos, Di-versiones, Ira...

The town of the Costa Brava will celebrate its festivities from June 21 to 29.
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