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Sold out tickets for Ed Sheeran's concerts around the world

Sold out tickets for Ed Sheeran's concerts around the world

It is a recurring fact, it happens every time and it will happen more frequently in the future. Tickets to see global artists 'disappears' in minutes or seconds and, almost simultaneously, appears on resale ticket's websites at a price several times higher. Concert tickets have definitely become a speculative investment object.

Today it has happened again with Ed Sheeran (concerts in Spain: April 9, at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona and on April 8 at the Wizink Center in Madrid) and fans of the English singer around the world have expressed their rage through Twitter with a clear and defined objective, Ticketmaster ticket sales website that has become a worldwide Trending Topic.

According to these users, in some concerts of Ed Sheeran there were no tickets left at 10:01 am when tickets were put on sale today at 10:00 am (local time in each country). Almost at the same time, according to these people, tickets have appeared for the same concert in ticket resale portals. And happens that the same Ticketmaster has a web resale tickets, called marketplaces, named Seatwave.

In any case what seems to be completely true is the collapse of the Ticketmaster website and the subsequent anger of the followers of Ed Sheeran who have made virtual 'queue' but at the end of the process have received a message from the page announcing that already there were no tickets left for the concert. For example, tickets to the Dublin concert have sold out in less than 5 minutes.

Ticketmaster and the resale of tickets

It is not only the users who point against the resale of tickets, previously the spanish promoter of concerts Doctor Music published a hard statement in which it insisted that it does not make sense that a company of sales of tickets, Ticketmaster, has a company of resale of tickets, Seatwave.

This happened after fans of Bruce Springsteen and Adele were left without tickets in a few minutes. However, Doctor Music at the same time denied suspicions that TicketMaster ticket sales company would have diverted tickets from the Bruce Springsteen concert to its Seatwave ticket reseller.

Ticketmaster, in turn, replied to Doctor Music by asserting that the marketplaces are legal and justified it: "Selling tickets through an online Marketplace is totally legal and helps avoid resale on unsecured web sites and on the street. Seatwave protects consumers against any fraudulent transactions with fake tickets, very common practice on unsecured web sites and resale on the street. "